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Panda Book Awards



Welcome to the Panda Book Awards


Join the conversation. Post pictures and activities of your panda book awards projects on the Panda Book Awards social media and share the fun. #pandabookawards



READ some good books

SHARE your thoughts

NETWORK with students from participating schools

VOTE for your favorite.



What is the Panda Book Award?

The Panda Book Award initiative invites students and teachers from participating international schools in China and beyond to vote for their favorite book published in the previous two years. The Panda Book Steering Committee, which includes an international representation of school librarians, is responsible for collecting input from schools, advertising the initiative, and organizing the voting.

There are four separate title lists according to age level:

  • Young Readers (4 to 6 years) – picture books - Elementary School
  • Middle Readers (7 to 10 years) – chapter books - Elementary School
  • Older Readers (11 to 14 years) – Middle School
  • Mature Readers (15 to 18 years) – High School


The panda was chosen as the program’s mascot as it holds a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people and is a symbol of peace and a token of forging friendly ties. The Panda Book Award reading program promises to take our students on an exciting reading adventure. Classroom teachers, language arts teachers, and librarians are encouraged to distribute the reading lists to their students and to incorporate them into their daily teaching.



The Panda Award yearly timeline


December - January : nominating titles for next year

  • Each participating school nominates lists of titles. These lists are discussed by the Panda Book Steering Committee who will take into consideration individual schools’ requests.
  • The Steering Committee will decide on the final lists and make these public by mid March. This gives participating schools time to order multiple copies of the titles to arrive over the summer.


July – August :

  • Schools may promote the titles through a summer reading program.


September – Chinese New Year: activities in schools culminating in voting

  • Schools organize reading promotion activities and plan. Promotional materials (flyers, posters, bookmarks) are created yearly and available for download.
  • The Panda Book Steering Committee organizes the student and teacher voting sessions to be done during a period of three weeks after the Chinese New Year holiday.


After the voting : and the winners are....

  • The Steering Committee meets to count votes and confirm the winners of the Panda Book Awards.
  • Winning authors are contacted as soon as possible and are sent their Panda Award Winner scroll.

Panda Winners 2008-2021

Shortlists Panda 2018-2019

Younger Readers - Grades PK - 2

Middle Readers - Grades 3-5

Older Readers - Grades 6-8

Mature Readers - Grades 9-12

Posters and Bookmarks

Previous Years - Posters

2017 - 2018 Winners

2017 - 2018 Shortlists

2016 - 2017


2015 - 2016

2014 - 2015


2013 - 2014


2012 - 2013



2011 - 2012

2010 - 2011


Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members 2018 - 2019


Shortlists Proofreaders 

Younger Readers


Rebecca Taylor - International School of Beijing 

Linnea Simon - International School of Tianjin

Suzanne McKemey - Beijing City International School

Middle Readers


Paul Wong -  International School of Beijing 

Heather Wright - Beanstalk International Bilingual School (Beijing)

Older Readers


Christina Dominique-Pierre - Concordia International School Shanghai

Isolde Rosevear - Western International School of Shanghai 

Mature Readers


Susan Gotthelf - Soong Ching Ling School - International Division (Shanghai)

Erin Wilson - Xiamen International School

Social Media 

Jesse Kennedy - Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School 

Panda Libguides Organizers

Nadine Rosevear - International School of Beijing

John Lemley - International School of Beijing

Posters and Bookmarks

Eleanor Surridge  - International School of Tianjin

Panda scrolls for winning authors and survey co-cordinator

John Byrne - Western Academy of Beijing

Pinterest page

Leigh Collazo - Western International School Shanghai 

Committee Chair and Contact Person

Nadine Rosevear - International School of Beijing

Previous Shortlists

2017-2018 Shortlist

Final Nominees for The Panda Book Awards 2017-2018

Younger Readers (4-6 Years Old)

Middle Readers (7- 10 Years Old)








Older Readers (11 - 14 Years Old)







Mature Readers (15 - 18 Years Old)


Previous Winners

2017-2018 Winners

Mature Readers

The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas



 Older Readers

 The Time Museum by Matthew Lou



 Middle Readers

 Dog Man by Dav Pilkey



 Younger Readers

Do Not Open This Book by Andy Lee

Archived Winners from 2008 to Current

Author Talks

Interview with Stephan Pastis author of Timmy Failure

Jennifer and Matt Holm Virtual Author Talk



How can my school join the Panda Book Awards?
Register your school through this registration link.

How do I register my school for voting?
Once you have registered your school, you will automatically receive an invitation for voting. This invitation will be sent out just after the Chinese New Year holiday.

Is the Panda reading initiative only open to international schools in China?
The Panda Book Awards initiative aims to go beyond borders and invites schools and students from around the world to participate in reading a selection of outstanding books and vote for their favorite.

When does Panda voting take place?
Panda voting takes place for three weeks every year after the Chinese New Year celebration, which happens in February or at the end of January depending on the lunar cycle. If you are registered to vote you will be informed of the specific dates.

How much time do students have to to vote?
Voting is open for three weeks.

Who is the Panda Steering Committee and what is their role?
The Panda Steering Committee consists of librarians who would like to take an active role in the Panda reading initiative. Nadine Rosevear, high school librarian at the International School of Beijing, is the chair of the committee. The Steering Committee discuss and agree on the final reading shortlists, create promotional materials, such as posters, bookmarks, and flyers, produce the yearly Panda scrolls for the winning authors, correspond with sponsors, and communicate with librarians and teachers from schools around the world.

I am interested in joining the Panda Steering Committee. How can I apply?
Send Nadine Rosevear an email to express interest. Generally calls to join the committee for the following year will go out in May.

How are the Panda titles selected?
In the fall, you will be able to nominate titles for next school year through a survey that will be sent to you once you have registered. For example, nominations for the awards for the 2017-2018 school year began in December of the 2016-2017 school year.  The Panda Steering Committee will finalize the shortlists.

When are the Panda shortlists publicized?
The Panda shortlists are publicized in the spring. This gives schools time to purchase the books and start promoting for summer reading.

How can I promote the Panda books at my school?
Here are some suggestions that will get you started:

  • print out the Panda posters and bookmarks available on this libguide
  • run small competitions in homerooms with daily questions about the books
  • organize a Panda party in the library
  • book talk the Panda books to your students
  • if your students are voting manually (not online) you can display big jars for their ballots. This will create excitement as the jars start filling up.
  • promote the books to the teachers and ask them to read aloud from the books
  • purchase some copies for classroom libraries in addition to the ones you buy for the library



For questions regarding the Panda Book Awards, contact Nadine Rosevear - High School librarian at International School of Bejing


Twitter handle: @HungryLibrary

Chinese Panda Book Awards

Chinese Panda Reading Initiative


The Chinese Panda Reading Initiative started in 2015. Our mission is promoting in students an enjoyment of and lifelong interest in Chinese language and literature. This reading initiative encourages young learners of the Chinese language to appreciate the stylistic and aesthetic qualities of Chinese texts. We envision a future that all learners of Chinese language enjoy reading Chinese books of their own choice, and the passion of reading will become a good auxiliary for their language learning. 

Panda Book Awards. The Chinese Panda Reading Initiative Steering Committee provides a shortlist of book titles for the community every year. The booklist is to present a wide range of periods, styles and genres. Students are encouraged to read and participate in the voting in March. The finalists will be announced on World Book and Copyright Day. 

Visiting Authors and Guest Speakers. The committee will invite writers, experts, and literacy specialists to the school to interact with our students, in the forms of forums, seminars, reading and writing workshops, etc. 

Publications of students’ work. The committee will provide various opportunities for student to publish and share their works via different media platforms, e.g. radio broadcast, magazine articles, journals, etc. 
Language Events. The committee will organize and encourage students to participate in a variety of language events.
  • Meet Famous Children’s Literature Writer Mr. An Wulin
  • Read Together with Ms. Xiaoshen Chen
  • “Panda Cup” Books on Wheels Challenge






  • 著名儿童作家安武林做客ISB
  • “熊猫杯”书行万里国际学校读书挑战赛
Chinese Panda Reading Initiative Steering Committee “悦读熊猫”计划筹委会



Fiona Jia 



Jessica Shan


Events and Conference Coordinator

Fiona Jia 


Yan Chen


Book List and Awards Coordinator

Vicky Yang 


Ling Tong


Elementary School Liaison

Amy Ren



Felicia Liu 



Special Thanks goes to our parent artist Ms. Chen Ying who has worked tirelessly to create the Chinese Panda Logo and the Award Certificates for this Reading Initiative Project! We admire her talent and the spirit of service tremendously!

2017-2018 Chinese Panda Book Awards Winners


Young Winners 幼龄组:

《没有耳朵的兔子》 作者:「德」克劳斯·鲍姆加特(著) 王星(译)

Middle Winners 高小组:

《米小圈儿上学记—搞笑大王来了》 作者:北猫(著)

Older Winners 初中组:

《狼王梦》 作者:沈石溪(著)

Mature Winners 高中组:

《当呼吸化为空气》 作者:「美」保罗·卡拉尼什(著) 何雨迦(译)

Chinese for Language Learners 中文二语分级读物:

《花木兰》 作者:肖静萍 (改编)

2016-2017 Chinese Panda Book Awards Winners


Younger Winners (低龄组)

《不一样的卡梅拉:我想去看海》作者:(法)约里波瓦 艾利施绘

Middle Winners (高小组)


Older Winners (初中组)


Mature Winners

《孤独深处:北京折叠》 作者:郝景芳


2015-2016 Chinese Panda Winners


Younger Winners (低龄组)


Middle Winners (高小组)



Older Winners (初中组)


Mature Winners

《当代中国微记录》 作者:李禄兴