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NIS PYP Learning Hub: G3 How the World Works

A place where all PYP students can come and find resources for their UOI, learn about basic research skills, and become better learners.

G3 Forces & Machines

How the World Works: Understanding forces helps us to use them

Books in the Library

DK Find Out- Forces & Motion

Cool Websites

Simple Machines- Pulleys

A Pythagora Switch

OK Go- This Too Shall Pass

G3- How the World Works

Central Idea: Understanding forces helps us to use them.

Key Concepts: function, connection

Related Concepts:  forces, magnetism, equilibrium, mechanics, measurement

What lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea?

  • Student will understand how forces work 
  • Student will understand how we apply our understanding of forces
  • Student will understand how by changing a variable you can change an outcome.

Brain Pop- Forces

PebbleGo- Forces & Motion

Sir Isaac Newton

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