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NIS PYP Learning Hub: G4 Sharing the Planet

A place where all PYP students can come and find resources for their UOI, learn about basic research skills, and become better learners.

Sharing the Planet

G4 Sharing the Planet- Access to resources determines opportunities​

Books in the Library

Water Footprint

How Much Water Do We Use Everyday?

Water Footprint Calculator

Water Changes Everything

Working for Sustainability

Learning About Water- Games & Activities

Key Concepts

Form/Function: What are natural resources and how do we use them?

CausationWhy some people have access to natural resources and others don't.

Connection: Sustainable use of natural resources

If the World Were a Village- Video (You Tube)


Linda Sue Park- Author of A Long Walk to Water

Kids Talk About Water Use

Splish Splash Flush- Toilets!

Access to Fresh Water

If the World Were a Village- Slideshare

Water Around the World

Water is Life

Check out this amazing filtered straw!

Water for Sudan- Salva's Story

The Story of Bottled Water

Safe Water for All- World Vision