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NIS PYP Learning Hub: G4 How the World Works

A place where all PYP students can come and find resources for their UOI, learn about basic research skills, and become better learners.

G4- How the World Works

Natural changes in the Earth's structure can have devastating effects

Brain Pop Volcanoes

Introduction to Volcanoes


NG Kids- Volcanoes

What is a Volcano- Twig World

Brain Pop- Earth's Structure

Fast Land Changes- Brain Pop

Brain Pop Land Changes

Note: You might need to login to Brain Pop first and then click on this link again.

Brain Pop Earthquakes

National Geographic- Earthquakes 101

What is an Earthuake- Mocomi Kids

Eathquuakes- Dr. Binocs Show

Bill Nye- Richter Scale

New Zealand Kids- Drop, Cover, Hold

Brain Pop- Tsunamis

What is a Tsunami- Mocomi Kids

Ted Ed- How Tsunamis Work

Plate Tectonics

Britannica- Plate Tectonics

Encyclopedia Britannica

Use Britannica to search for other great articles on tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Brain Pop Tornadoes

Brain Pop- Floods

Floods 101- National Geographic

Extreme Weather

Pebble Go

Pebble Go

Earthquakes, Volcanoes & Tsunamis